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Vacant Home St​aging

Staging a home is an important part of the process when getting ready to sell a house. This is especially important for vacant homes! Vacant homes are among the hardest to sell, as potential home buyers have a hard time visualizing themselves in the space. Vacant homes can even look smaller in photos, as there is nothing in the home to show the size, space and feel of the home (art, furniture, etc).  Staged homes (whether vacant or occupied) are also typically sold faster and for more money than homes for sale that are not staged.

When staging a vacant home, we strive to create an atmosphere that invites you in and makes you want to stay a while. Empty homes can feel too cold. That's where home staging comes in! We provide soft staging services that soften the experience, bringing warmth to the home and creating an atmosphere that gives life to any empty space.

When we stage a vacant home, we bring in artwork for the walls, accessories for those bare countertops, and accents to fill empty corners, nooks and crannies. The rooms with the highest traffic and the greatest need for home staging are the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and master bathroom. These are the rooms that we emphasize the most.

Our staging experts will provide you with the perfect solution for each individual home, because every home is different! For the best customized plan, we will need to preview the space during a consultation before giving you an estimate for home staging.

Estimates for each unique home are based on square footage, number of rooms, height of ceilings, price and location of the home.

We are currently offering these services in Schertz, New Braunfels, Garden Ridge and the surrounding San Antonio areas.

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