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My wife and I recently had the privilege of working with a very talented design consultant, Jan Kidder. We are on our fifth home, and this was our third new construction. She provided expertise in making tasteful decisions and validation of personal selections. Jan delivered!

Jim and Brenda

The transformation you and Mary accomplished was almost magical. We especially like the comfortable, inviting look you brought the the once-empty living room and to the master bedroom. The wall art, pillows, and artful arrangements make all the rooms look just beautiful. Thank you so much! We are truly delighted and amazed by your work. Bless you!


Wow! That is the best word to describe Jan Kidder! I hired Jan to help me redecorate my 10 year old home. It had outdated wallpaper plus a lot of clutter and disorganization. Jan converted it into a beautiful, fresh, and inviting home. From picking out paint colors, to artwork and rearranging items I already had, she made it look and feel like a brand new home. Jan was such a pleasure to work with. She was never pushy, but offered suggestions and did the research to make sure every choice made was one I would be happy with. She even managed to please my tween-aged daughter with a new, hip bathroom that they designed together. Jan also realized I was working with a budget and she never strayed from the parameters we set up. She is a bargain hunter and found amazing deals on items to freshen up my home's new look. I highly recommend Jan if you are looking for help to improve the look and feel of your home. You will not find anyone more competent, talented, or dedicated!


 I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!! I had Jan Kidder from Jan's Design on a Dime "redo" my house while I was at work today! I NEVER thought she would be able to do anything with all my "junk", but it's amazing!! She is so unbelievably affordable and talented. I feel like my house is a model home, and I didn't buy a thing!! It was already here, and she just tied it all-together,


Jan, what can I say, we absolutely love it!! I don't think anyone could have done a better job. I have never wanted people to come over to my place until now. I'm practically begging people to come see how gorgeous the apartment is! Everyone I've shown loves it! It's perfect for us. Thank you so much! I want to stay here forever!!!


Dear Jan, What a difference at our home after your design work. Thank you so much! I am very excited that we will sell the house and move back home very soon. Thank you so much.

Tracy & Jan

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